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German green marketing scheme to rise 1.1 GW this month

(Montel) Participation in Germany’s direct marketing scheme for renewables will rise 1,065 MW this month to 87,917 MW, according to TSO data published on Thursday.

The scheme would see the amount of onshore wind rise 833 MW to 48,112 MW, with offshore wind volumes rising by 58 MW to 7,551 MW, data from 50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet and TransnetBW showed.

The participation of solar units should also rise by 155 MW to 23,918 MW and biomass capacity should gain 29 MW to 7,285 MW.

Meanwhile, hydropower capacity should fall 18 MW to 867 MW, with geothermal capacity remaining stable at 51 MW, said the TSOs, adding that participation from gases (landfill, sewage) would rise 7 MW to 133 MW.

The direct marketing scheme grants renewables operators a premium on top of the wholesale price of power if they sell their production directly to market instead of through TSOs, which are otherwise obliged to pay fixed tariffs.

The scheme is mandatory for all new renewable energy installations with a capacity of more than 100 kW.