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JAO set to auction power capacity on two borders with Ukraine

(Montel) The Joint Allocation Office will start auctioning daily power capacity on the Hungary-Ukraine and Slovakia-Ukraine borders in February and March, it said on Wednesday.

The daily auctions for the Hungary-Ukraine border will start on 22 February for delivery on 23 February and for Slovakia-Ukraine on 4 March for delivery two days later, said JAO, the main service provider for European TSOs.

Ukraine generally imports electricity from Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Moldova, with the country's TSO organising most of the cross-border trade.

Currently, Ukraine's TSO has offered up to 350 MW for imports from Slovakia and no capacity from Hungary for delivery on Wednesday.

In January, JAO took over the allocation of capacity on the Rzeszow-Chmielnicki link between Ukraine and Poland. Since then, it has been offering up to 425 MW per hour for imports from Poland, while the capacity for exports from Ukraine has been mostly zero.

Ukraine, which is fighting off Russian aggression, also occasionally uses emergency imports from neighbouring TSOs of a few hundred MWs per hour.